About Us

We are a member of the Seafair Capital family. Based in Newfoundland and Labrador, ​Seafair Capital is a group of companies operating in multiple sectors that are connected by shared values and growth potential. Proud of our self-reliant island heritage, we seek opportunities to build healthy, strong, and vibrant communities, and we are committed to unlocking potential in our businesses, our employees, and the areas in which we operate.

In response to the current Covid-19 Pandemic we started Headway.

With the team we have put together and the skills we have, we knew we could deliver the Personal Protection Equipment required to keep Newfoundland and Labrador safe.

Joining with other strong, reliable, Newfoundland companies, we are effectively and efficiently getting PPE out to the people who need it.

We are committed to keeping Newfoundland and Labrador as safe as possible in these unsure times

3 Ways To Order

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